Health App and Apple Watch Syncing

How do I fix Apple Health or Apple Watch syncing?

If you have an Apple Watch, check to see if your steps in the Health App match the steps recorded on your Apple Watch. If the steps are different, follow Solution A. Otherwise, follow Solution B and Solution C.

If you do not have an Apple Watch, follow Solution B and Solution C.


Solution A - Ensure Apple Watch is syncing with the Health App

The Qantas Wellbeing App reads your activity data from the Health App after the Health App has synchronised with your Apple Watch.

To ensure the Apple Watch is set up correctly in the Health App, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Health app and tap 'Health Data' at the bottom.
  2. Tap a category, like 'Activity'.
  3. Tap a data type, like 'Steps'.
  4. Tap 'Data Sources & Access' and tap 'Edit' in the top right.
  5. If the your Apple Watch is not at the top of the list, touch and hold to the right of the Apple Watch data source and move it up to the top of the list.
  6. The steps in your Health App should now match the steps in your Apple Watch.
  7. Navigate back to the Wellbeing App and wait a few seconds for the data to refresh. Your phone must be connected to the internet for the data to sync.

If the Wellbeing App still shows a lower number of steps, follow Solution B and Solution C.


Solution B - Ensure Apple Health is connected as a data source

  1. In the Wellbeing App, go to 'Profile' and tap the cog (top right corner)
  2. Tap 'Data Sources'
  3. Select 'Health' and enable 'Steps'.

This should establish the Data Source connection.


Solution C - Ensure your steps are enabled in Apple Health

You can do this by:

  1. Open the Health App.
  2. Select 'Sources'
  3. Select 'Qantas Wellbeing'
  4. Ensure 'Steps' have been turned 'ON'

If your activity is still not showing in the Wellbeing App after following the above steps, ensure your Motion & Fitness settings are enabled within the Privacy settings of your phone.

If you are still experiencing issues syncing data, please contact support.