Does the 2018 price increase mean customers will receive extra benefits?

We remain focused on keeping health insurance affordable, with the premium changes reflecting the increased cost and frequency of providing medical treatment for our customers.

From 1 April 2018:

    • We will be introducing the mental health waiver as recently announced by the Federal Government as part of its private health insurance reforms. This means that customers with limited mental health cover will be able to use a one-off waiver to upgrade their cover and have immediate access to applicable in-hospital mental health services. The mental health waiver is only available to customers who have held hospital cover for at least the previous two months and have a valid referral from a consulting psychiatrist.


    • We’ve also passed on in full the expected savings from the Federal Government’s prostheses reforms. This relates to the set prices health funds are required to pay for prosthetic and medical devices used in surgical procedures. Under the new pricing arrangement, prices for some prosthetic and medical devices have been reduced, which has further reduced pressure on premium increases.