I have a Qantas Travel Insurance policy, can I earn Qantas Points through the Qantas Wellbeing App?

Yes, policyholders of Qantas Travel Insurance policies excluding Qantas Insurance Australian Cancellation and Baggage and Qantas Insurance Annual Multi-Trip policies can earn Qantas Points as part of the Wellbeing Rewards 28 Day Trial.

New Qantas Wellbeing App users can earn Qantas Points for 56 days from the time they download the Qantas Wellbeing App. During the 56 days, App users can earn up to 3,000 Qantas Points without having to purchase an Eligible Qantas Insurance Product. Eligible Qantas Insurance Products are Qantas Health Insurance Policies, Qantas Life Insurance Policies and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy. Existing Qantas Wellbeing App users who purchase an eligible Travel Insurance policy will be able to take part in another Wellbeing Rewards 28 Day Trial and earn up to 1,500 points during the 28 days. The 28 Day Trial is available for eligible Travel Insurance policies taken out after 1 June 2017. Once the Trial is over, you can keep earning Qantas Points at the same rate simply by purchasing an Eligible Qantas Insurance Product. Or continue using the App without purchasing an Eligible Product and earn Qantas Points at a reduced rate per month.