Does my health insurance cover my children?

A health insurance policy provides benefits for the Policyholder, any additional listed adult (e.g. Partner) and any listed Dependant Children.

In regards to a Policy:

- Children who are aged between 21 and up to 25 years can also be covered if they are in full-time study and registered with us as a ‘Student Dependant’.

- We will allow a child who is between 21 and up to 25 years and no longer studying to remain on their parents’ cover as an ‘Adult Dependant’ for an additional fee determined by us (not available on all covers and under all circumstances – check your Product Information and call us to learn more).

- Dependant Children, Adult Dependants and Student Dependants must be unmarried and not in a defacto relationship.

- To claim for hospital or medical treatment, all those listed on the Policy must be Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia or entitled to full reciprocal rights under Medicare (does not include residents of Norfolk Island), registered for Medicare and listed on an active Medicare card.

- Unless otherwise approved by us, a person under 16 years of age is not eligible to be a Policyholder. For more information, please refer to the Policy Booklet.