Why have I accumulated Locked Qantas Points?

Before 31 October 2017, if you did not hold an Eligible Qantas Insurance Product, and were not taking part in the Wellbeing 28 Day Trial, you would have accumulated Locked Qantas Points. Our Wellbeing Program changed on 21 November 2017. Now you can earn Qantas Points through the Wellbeing App at a reduced rate without holding an Eligible Qantas Insurance Product. Eligible Qantas Insurance Products are Qantas Health Insurance Policies, Qantas Life Insurance Policies and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy.

Up to 3,000 Locked Qantas Points can be converted to Qantas Points when you purchase an Eligible Qantas Insurance Product.  Locked Qantas Points will expire 12 months after the member last accumulated a Locked Qantas Point.