Why am I in a 28-Day Trial?

Your Wellness Rewards 28-day Trial is your opportunity to use the Qantas Assure App and earn Qantas Points for everyday activities like walking and more, all without holding an Eligible Qantas Assure Product.

Simply have a go, set and meet a few goals, and you’ll see your Qantas Points credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account within 2 weeks.

If you choose not to purchase an Eligible Qantas Assure Product, once your 28-day Trial ends you can continue to engage with the App and join challenges however you will start to accumulate Locked Qantas Points.

Up to 3,000 Locked Points can be converted to Qantas Points following the purchase of an Eligible Qantas Assure Product. Locked Qantas Points will expire 12 months after the member last accumulated a Locked Qantas Point.

Keep an eye out for offers which may allow you to earn Qantas Points outside of the 28-Day Trial.