Why do I see Locked Qantas Points in the Qantas Assure App?

If you do not currently hold an Eligible Qantas Assure Product, and are not currently in a Trial, you will accumulate Locked Qantas Points.

Up to 3,000 Locked Qantas Points can be converted to Qantas Points if you decide to purchase an eligible Qantas Assure Product. Locked Qantas Points will expire 12 months after the member last accumulated a Locked Qantas Point.

We’d love to see you keep using the Qantas Assure App to support your health and wellness. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for new offers which may allow you to earn Qantas Points outside of the 28-Day Trial, or investigate becoming a member by purchasing one of our eligible Qantas Assure Health, Life or Travel policies.